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Contribution Points Empty Contribution Points

Post  Miss KA on Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:56 am

We are glad to present you the new "Contribution Point" System!
From now on you can give postive or negative feedback to posts by other members.

If you have any questions about the rules, please ask in Paparizou Forum - Support Center

The point of this System, is to motivate people being more active and contributing to the forum!

Here's the points you will give/get:
Contribution Points Pointse

The negative Contribution Points "-", do not affect the total contribution points of a member, but don't give them without reason.

General Rule:
Only give contribution points when a member has given material to the forum, or helped you find something, and not because they didn't or did support your opinion!

Special Contribution Points
Some efforts deserve more Contribution Points (positive), than the ones given in topics. So moderators will award those points in the cases mentioned bellow:
*Posting own records or rare/big/worthy video foundings [Youtube-Rips don't count for this, but people will give you points for youtube rips] (between 50 and 500 points)
*Posting own scans or very rare web-found pictures (between 25 and 100 points)
*Articles for Paparicious (25 - 100+ points)
*Smaller interview or lyrics translations (25 - 50 points)
*Bigger interview translations (between 50 - 100 points)
*Picture or video re-uploads (25 - 50 points)
*Special projects (artwork, forum videos, ...): create a special project; but don't post them like: here is my idea, now use it, but also be ready to execute the idea on your own!
Miss KA
Miss KA
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Paparicious Hero

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Contribution Points Empty Contribution Points - How to Award them easily! (Please Read)

Post  Panagiotis on Sun Jul 15, 2012 5:41 am

Contribution Points Contt

Contribution Points are something like a reward for people that give things to our forum. From an article to an image, video or translation. It's unfair for them not to get them. As you saw, there are actually 3 simple steps that take zero time to complete. I 've estimated that you can give contribution points to 10 different posts from 10 different topics in 2 minutes, if you have a rather slow connection.

Contribution Points A0hc
Coming soon! It's huge!

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