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Full Forum Policy

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Full Forum Policy

Post  Miss KA on Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:56 am

Welcome to the board!
To make sure everyone will enjoy our community, please take your time to read the following instructions.

If you have any questions about the rules, please ask in Paparizou Forum - Support Center

General Rules:
1) Everyone on this forum is allowed to say his true opinion about any subject as long as the opinion is expressed respectfully. Don't accuse members of their opinion - consequently acting against this rule will cause banning.
2) Offensive and disrespectful comments are not allowed on this board and might cause banning as well.

Media Rules:
1) Please respect copyrights.
2) You are not allowed to post full Helena Paparizou Albums as this is breaking the law and is against the wishes of the artist. Paparizou Forum fully supports Helena.
3) You are not allowed to post full Helena Paparizou released tracks or music videos/live videos which have been released on official DVDs.
4) Failure to follow any of these rules will result in you loosing your media rights on this forum. Continuous rule breaking will not be tolerated and will result in short term, or long term banning.
5) Please show your respect towards other members and towards their time by using the search option before requesting videos. Videos uploaded to rapidshare are available for years sometimes. Click on search, enter the name of the video and look through the topics displayed.
6) We don't like people using their first post on this forum to do a request.

Instructions on posting pictures...

at first, you can't link images directly from your computer, you need to upload them to any server, you can use (just for example) or (watching a pic on all you can upload don't forget to cklick on "view original size"). on you can create your own album and the pics will stay online there until you delete them.

picture requests: if you are new on the forum and want your pic collection to be complete, we expect you to go through all picture posts and save the pictures you miss. if you want a picture to complete your collection you should really be sure that it isn't posted on the forum yet. going through all picture posts will help you to complete your collection with amazing stuff and will save other members' time.

picture posting: well, if you have not much time, it's better to post a picture twice that never post it. maybe it's rare. but please make sure to post the pic in the right thread! we have sticky threads which always stay on top on the forum. only very special pics need an own thread. please help to keep the forum tidy nobody expects you to have in mind all pictures posted here, just try to post pictures not twice and more. however, nobody will be angry on you if you can't remember a pic which has already been posted. just try your best please!

and some last advice: please don't tag (watermark) pictures you have no rights on. if you just found a pic on internet there's no need to tag it for you! looks always better without a watermark!

Paparizou Forum offers you loads of videos recorded by our members. If you want to post the links somewhere, ok, but: CREDIT US PLEASE!!! if you find a link on net that doesn't mean it's your 'exclusive'!!!

Enjoy your Time @ Paparizou Forum!

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Miss KA
Miss KA
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Paparicious Hero

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Re: Full Forum Policy

Post  Besamiculo on Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:50 am

Don't forget that the board has its own FAQ's here: so please have a look before you open a new topic. Wink
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This is Tsouvli

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