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Paparizou Forum is an international community for all fans of Elena Paparizou. We offer news, discussions, exclusive media (videos ad pictures), competitions and a forum full of great people. Come and join us to taste the ultimate paparicious experience.

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Post  Miss KA on Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:05 am

Paparizou Forum is the new and fresh version of Paparizou Place Forum, moderated by the previous Paparizou Place moderators.

We see ourselves as an independent, international fan community and want to unite all Helena fans all around the world by giving them the place to talk about anything, if not everything, Paparizou and by giving them information and media exclusively provided by this place. Everyone is welcome here.

Paparizou Forum is an independent source. It is not official (and doesn't want to be), but it is known by Helena and her management (without them being responsible for anything posted here).

Many many thanks to Al Giga and to Giannis & Elli!

Paparizou Forum was the name given to us by Helena herself, so we decided to change it from Paparizou Place Forum to Paparizou Forum. You find us by using the urls and

Our community has been created August 24 2006 by John from the UK, on July 11 2009 it was moved to this place.

The forum cooperates with various websites, such as (also by using its subdomain and others. Many members also being registered in Helena's official Greek fanclub and by linking each other, the forum also cooperates with the official fan club.

Our Forum has always been the most important place for all kind of media, no matter if videos or pictures. Most media uplaoded previously you will find either untagged or with the tag of Paparizou Place, our former Forum name.

The members of Paparizou Forum have been most creative regarding Helena in the last few years. So we created the very popular slogan "Keep paparizouing!" (created by John from the US), released calendars and translated loads of interviews from all languages to English so everyone will be able to understand his own part of Helena. All these interviews, along with concert and album reviews, exclusive artworks and texts, were released in our "Paparicious Magazine", firstly published online in January 2008. The Magazine is released between 3 and 4 times a year and available for everyone.

Besides Paparizou Forum's Anniversary video for Helena has been posted on

Paparicious Magazine: Has now been replaced by the Ultimate Helena Paparizou Fan Book, which has just arrived! Soon the old issues of Paparicious might be re-published again.

To celebrate Paparizou Forum's 5t anniversary on August 24, we launched the ultimate collectors' item for all Helena fans!

This fan book is a must-have for any Helena fan - it includes, on more than 320 pages, an updated biography full of quotes by Helena herself from interviews, about 50 interviews with Helena in English, an art gallery, a fairy tale, a comic strip & more! The interviews have been translated by members from Paparizou Forum within the last years, and out of them the biography has been written.

Important: Unlike before (interview book/biography), the book is a searchable pdf-document, so if you ever have anything Helena in mind and want to know more about it, enter some key words to the search option of your pdf-reader program. Besides everything has been corrected languagewise AND includes citations now. The biography is now almost a completely new text actually, while the interview book firstly includes really ALL interviews we ever have translated or ever found in English. Both biography and interview section have been kept extra printer-friendly for you. Besides the page numbers start from 1 in both of these chapters, so if you want to print only these parts the page numbers won't make it difficult! Please note that empty pages are intended and should be included while printing - the whole book will look more "pro" at the end, if you let them inside!

download the book: - If you like it, it would be nice if you "like" my facebook page "KyprisAthina" - it will help spreading the link for the book!

Due to our high creativity and recording/scanning activity people love to copy our ideas and media and present them as their own. We would be happy if you behave better and credit us for our work if you use our ideas or media. About 80% of all videos and scans of Helena available on-line have been recorded/scanned and published firstly on Paparizou Forum (Paparizou Place). Most of them were posted untagged. Due to people stealing and claiming our efforts their own most of our media posted now has been tagged. We hope you will understand.

please visit our youtube channel:

In November 2008 even Greek TV channel star used a Paparizou forum recording in their news - Paparizou Forum was the only community having recorded Elena's rare interview in the US show 25 sexiest Pop Diva from US channel E! Entertainment. Another proof for Paparizou Forum's popularity.

Before posting on our forum please have a look through our guidelines, because Paparizou Forum doesn't accept any illegal filesharing - we always respect Helena's work. We also ask you to please take care of where posting your photo, file or opinion to make the forum most comfortable to find whatever you want. So please have a look if your post doesn't fit into any of our stickies.

Keep paparizouing! We've got the P.N.A.!

Your Paparizou Forum Keep Paparizouing!

Miss KA
Miss KA
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Paparicious Hero

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