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Post  TinaCZ on Thu Sep 22, 2011 6:47 pm

Dear members of Paparizou Forum and all Paparizou fans,

5 years ago Paparizou Forum was founded and since then we've come a long journey together. Unfortunately not everyone appreciated us and we had to act. Few years ago, back on Paparizou Place Forum, a member was banned from the forum for breaking rules, stealing content from a special area and not crediting his sources. Ever since this person has been bad-mouthing us, almost never giving us credit for things he found on our forum and most of all telling lies about us to make himself look as the good guy and us as the bad ones. I was thinking for a long time whether I should reveal his identity or not and I came to a conclusion that yes, I should. Not only because he deserves it, but because we all are sick of the situation. We’re tired of reading about our exclusive news as his exclusive news on the internet, we’re tired of proving we found them first. Once he even threatened one of our fellow members to ban him from HPC only because our member was defending himself in a situation where the member was right and he was not. He’s the co-admin of HPC. We have been silent about it way too long and he probably got the idea that he can get away with anything because no one has ever gone against him.

KyprisAthina was leading the forum since 2006 but she stepped back from her admin postition ONLY because she was tired of this fight - in her free time she knows about better things to do than having such childish kindergarten fights. "That's why I stepped back from my admin position and why I am not so often on the forum anymore. The more I am on the forum, the more I feel the need to make sure the forum is treated the way it should be treated. But I prefer to spend my time with more creative things. It's just that if I am online much I will have to fight a lot simply to make people see the truth after they have been told lies about us. I am tired of cleaning behind people who want to ruin everything."

We do this announcement in order to show to everyone that we have NOTHING at all against HPC. And this is exactly the point - this person tells everywhere we would fight against HPC, which we never did. He was fighting us and when we fought back he said that we were fighting HPC. We ask all members of HPC not to listen to his lies because we believe that fan clubs should cooperate and not fight. Anything else is just childish. We all share a common thing, and that's being fans of Helena, and instead of trying to work all together, peacefully, trying to make the best in projects and make even bigger things, some people try to ruin it, by trying to divide fans, so they can fulfill personal desires, like trying to prove that they are better, praise the work of theirs, while they have been continuously degrading the quality of other sites about Helena.

Tina, administrator of Paparizou Forum


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