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Download, Watch & Upload Media

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Download, Watch & Upload Media

Post  Miss KA on Wed Aug 19, 2009 6:39 pm

DOWNLOAD (watch)
sendspace, mediafire and rapidshare are so-called file hosts. they save videos on the internet. so we forum members upload videos to these sites and you download the videos from these sites to your computer. Then you have them forever and can watch them whenever you want. These websites are free of course, you don't have to pay anything (just click on free download, you don't need to give your email, you don't have to register or to create an account or anything else).
Sometimes you need to wait for a so-called "Download ticket", that means you have to wait for your download a few seconds until the website counted down from 60 to 0, or more or less. You might need to enter a code then (a few letters or numbers written on a picture). These websites have these restrictions to make people buy accounts on their site. But you don't need to buy anything, just wait and it won't cost you anything.
If you see a Download link or button, click on it and either the download will start immediately (firefox for example saves files to your desktop) or a window will open, which shows you your own file explorer (files on your computer). Simply choose the location where you want to save the file and click "save". Your download will start, it might take a few minutes or an hour until the file is saved completely on your computer (a window usually tells you how long it will take).

How to download from in screen caps
Chose "Free"
Wait for your download ticket
Enter the code and click OK
save the file to your computer

Maybe you downloaded a file which you can't open. Then either the file was not downloaded completely, or the file you downloaded is a .rar file. We make rare files if files are too big to be hosted by a file hosting site (usually bigger than 300 MB, for example concerts). By making such a rar file we split the video into parts. You must download all splitted parts of the video before you can extract them from the rar file.

After downloading you must combine the parts of the video which have been seperated before the upload. Make sure that all rar files of the same video are in the same folder, and that they have exactly the same name except the number of the part - like this:

You then need this program to join the file: Install it. Make a double click on the file (such as: Filename.part1.rar), click on "extract" (top of the window). Then click ok. The parts of the videos will be joined automatically (if all files were downloaded completely, are in the same folder and have exactly the same name, including punctation, except the .part... number)

Then you made it and can watch the file which has been extracted to the same folder where the rar files are in.

if you want to share a video with the people on the forum, you go to (don't take because after 10 downloads the file will be deleted), or sendspace (or another host). you can upload files up to 300 Megabyte (MB) there, if they are bigger you need to make zip files of it, but if you need this we can explain to you! Browse for the file and klick on "host" or "upload" the files. after some minutes, sometimes after 1or two hours (the sites usually say how long), depending on your internet speed and the file size, you will get a download link. This download link you copy and paste it to the forum.

we only accept TV records and in general, UNRELEASED Media. So no DVD rips, no album uploads - both in the helena paparizou as in the other celebs area (in the whole forum!)
Please respect Helena's work by not uploding anything by her which you can buy - it's illegal anyway!
Illegal Uploads will be removed, users who keep on uploading released material will be banned from the forum.
Miss KA
Miss KA
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