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Avatars & Signatures - Information&Rules

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Avatars & Signatures - Information&Rules

Post  Panagiotis on Sun Jul 15, 2012 5:14 am

In this post, we explain everything about Avatars & Signatures. If you still have questions, please ask in Paparizou Forum - Support Center

What is an "avatar"?
The avatar is the image appearing in the left of your posts.
How do I change it?
Simply go to Profile (under the banner of the forum), and then Avatar.

Maximum Allowed Avatar Size: 100x100px
If your avatar is bigger, it will be removed without further notice.

What is a "signature"?
Signature is the message appearing in the bottom of your posts!
How do I change it?
Simply go to Profile (under the banner of the forum), and then Signature.
My Signature won't show in my posts. How do I fix it?
Go to "Profile", then "Preferences", and click "Yes" to the option: Always attach my signature!

Maximum Allowed Signature Size: 450x230px
If your signature is bigger, it will be removed without noticed. Consequently using signatures bigger than the limit might make you lose the ability to use signatures. - ONLY ONE IMAGE PER SIGNATURE!

Why is there a limit for avatars and signatures size?
Many members or visitors of the forum, have small resolution screens, and others have low-speed internet connections. That means that the forum will either look a mess to them, and it won't be easily readable, or it will take ages to load!


Coming soon! It's huge!

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