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Favourite Photo Shoots?

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Re: Favourite Photo Shoots?

Post  Miss KA on Wed Sep 22, 2010 11:08 pm

Miss KA wrote:New List:
1. Costas Coutayar - Nitro 2006
2. Katerina Tsatsani - Thalassa 2009
3. Mara Desypri - Nitro 2008
4. Katerina Tsatsani - Vrisko To Logo Na Zo
5. Thodoris Psiachos - Nitro 2004
6. Costas Coutayar - 10 Years Nitro (2005)
7. Katerina Tsatsani - Celebrity 2004
8. Costas Coutayar - Votre Beauté 2006
9. Roula Revi - Big Fish/Pink Woman 2009
10. Costas Coutayar - Madame Figaro 2005

Favourite Pics:

my new list:

1. Nitro 2006 (Costas Coutayar) - this shooting doesn't need any extras. the background is just grey, but her face expressions and styling is just so fascinating that nothing else is needed...
2. Life & Style 2010 (Kostas Avgoulis)
3. DownTown 2009 (Ioanna Tzetzoumi)
4. Thalassa 2009 (Katerina Tsatsani)
5. Madame Figaro 2005 (Costas Coutayar)
6. Nitro 2008 ("backstage pics" by Mara Desypri)
7. Vrisko To Logo Na Zo (Kingdom of Beauty Pics by Katerina Tsatsani)
8. Votre Beauté (Costas Coutayar)
9. Nitro 2004 (Thodoris Psiachos)
10. Iera Odos 2006 (George Kalfamanolis)

worst shootings ever:
1. Live your myth in Greece (sue the photographer! lol!)
2. EGO 2010 omg. the styling is so great, but the photographer totally ruined it. the light and face expressions and movements are terrible, I am sorry. maybe he took better pics during this shooting and the mag picked the worst ones, I don't know...
Miss KA
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Re: Favourite Photo Shoots?

Post  Chris on Wed Feb 29, 2012 8:17 pm

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