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Protereotita CD + (Euro Edition) - Reviews

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Protereotita CD + (Euro Edition) - Reviews

Post  Chris on Fri Aug 17, 2012 10:05 pm

It have passed almost 8 years since Helena's first solo album release , "Protereotita" and as long as GATO has its own review topic, i am thinking that it's a good idea to make a review for all her albums. The purpose here is not to debate among the members, but gathered and organized all the reviews of each album , so each member can only leave a message!

1.The each member can write his criticism about the cd cover , each song seperately , his/her view about the album advance only once, but where is workable.
2.Commenting on other messages are not permitted. Everyone writes the view only.


1. Katse Kala
2. Protereotita
3. Antitheseis / A Brighter Day
4. Anamniseis / If You Believe me
5. Aksizei
6. Taxidi Gia To Agnosto
7. Galana
8. Exeis kairo na mou fereis (louloudia) / Louloudia (Ballad version)
9. Stin kardia mou mono thlipsi
10. Zise
11. I Zoi sou zari
12. M'Agaliazi to skotadi
13. Matia kai xeili
14. Mesa stin fotia sou
15. Anapadites Kliseis / I Dont want you here anymore
16. Treli Kardia
17. Anapadites Kliseis (SMS Remix)


1. My Number One
2. OK (English & Greek Version)
3. Let's Get Wild
4. The Light In Our Soul/ To Fos stin Psihi
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Re: Protereotita CD + (Euro Edition) - Reviews

Post  Chris on Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:53 pm

Anyone will write?? Ok, maybe you havent seen the thread yet lol!
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Paparicious Hero

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Re: Protereotita CD + (Euro Edition) - Reviews

Post  Samuel on Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:53 am

I do it when I get the time, hopefully on the coming weekend.


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Re: Protereotita CD + (Euro Edition) - Reviews

Post  Besamiculo on Fri Sep 07, 2012 6:17 am

OK here is what I think about the album (although I don't get why we can't discuss each other's reviews, what's the point then?)

What I like:

- The Artwork for all editions (especially the standard one).
- The abundance of tracks (greek albums rarely have 16 songs -not counting the remix- unless they are re-released).
- The single choices.
- Has my favourite Elena song on it.
- The album itself is great for the greek pop standards, but...

What I don't like:

- The sound is too basic greek pop for Elena, thankfully she progressed with each album.
- Probably has the most fillers on a solo album by Elena.
- Brosta ston kathrefti isn't on the album.
- Louloudia + Let's Get Wild were never singles.
- The SMS Remix (it's both horrible and too long).
- The second re-release with Mambo! It was a pointless cash in considering the single was also released seperately and most songs ended on Iparhi Logos!
- OK is a song I could never digest and should never have happened. It's Elena's worst song in a carrier (even worse than 3 Is a Magic Number!). It's an abomination. It's creators should go to hell and I hope people who paid to vote for it now cry for that lost money. OK maybe i exaggerated a bit.

Song rate:

Katse kala 7/10
Protereotita 6/10
Antithesis 9/10
Anamnisis 8/10
Axizi 6/10
Taxidi gia to agnosto 8/10
Galana 5/10
Ehis kero na mou feris (louloudia) 10/10
Stin kardia mou mono thlipsi 7/10
Zise 7/10
I zoi sou zari 10/10 (my favourite Elena song clap )
M' agaliazi to skotadi 6/10
Matia ke hili 5/10
Mesa stin fotia sou 6/10
Anapadites Klisis 7/10
Treli Kardia 9/10

My Number One 9/10
OK 0/10
Let's Get Wild 10/10
The Light In Our Soul 9/10

Average: 7/10

I hope to review the rest of her albums by this weekend.
This is Tsouvli
This is Tsouvli

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Re: Protereotita CD + (Euro Edition) - Reviews

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