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Paparicious Biography & Interview Book - DOWNLOAD here!

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Paparicious Biography & Interview Book - DOWNLOAD here!

Post  Miss KA on Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:08 am

In the year 3000 humans created clones. But they evolved. Their plan: to eliminate Paparizou World. The only hope for human kind is: Helena. Her mission: To travel in time and look for the one who can give her the P.N.A.

Started ... upon request. Hi Captain..... into 2010 ..8 per ..... full plot: 100%. Estimated time of arrival: ... 30 seconds...... propose location for landing. destination: Paparizou Forum. - Here we go!

The Ultimate Helena Paparizou Fan Book has just arrived!

To celebrate Paparizou Forum's 5t anniversary on August 24, we launch the ultimate collectors' item for all Helena fans today!

This fan book is a must-have for any Helena fan - it includes, on more than 320 pages, an updated biography full of quotes by Helena herself from interviews, about 50 interviews with Helena in English, an art gallery, a fairy tale, a comic strip & more! The interviews have been translated by members from Paparizou Forum within the last years, and out of them I have written the biography. The biography was already published earlier, but now it is a completely different version. Besides, the book includes many, many hand-made illustrations by me. Let me know what you think!

This project is my special present and a "thank you" to Paparizou Forum for its 5th anniversary on August 24. It has been dedicated to all the forum members which became my friends over the years! Besides, this year I wanted to celebrate that I am a fan of Helena for 10 years now.

see advertising photos and download wallpapers and posters:

Important: Unlike before (interview book/biography), the book is a searchable pdf-document, so if you ever have anything Helena in mind and want to know more about it, enter some key words to the search option of your pdf-reader program. Besides everything has been corrected languagewise AND includes citations now. The biography is now almost a completely new text actually, while the interview book firstly includes really ALL interviews we ever have translated or ever found in English. Both biography and interview section have been kept extra printer-friendly for you. Besides the page numbers start from 1 in both of these chapters, so if you want to print only these parts the page numbers won't make it difficult! Please note that empty pages are intended and should be included while printing - the whole book will look more "pro" at the end, if you let them inside!

download the book:

If you like it, it would be nice if you "like" my facebook page "KyprisAthina" - it will help spreading the link for the book!

Keep paparizouing! We've got the P.N.A.!
Kypris Athina - with thanks to everyone who made the project possible by interview translations & more!

Paparizou... 100%. P.N.A. is the potion. And with P.N.A. we will remain - for generations.
Paparizou Forum. We got the P.N.A. Gia Panta - Fysika Mazi.

Miss KA
Miss KA
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Paparicious Hero

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