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Swedish interview with

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Re: Swedish interview with

Post  NiniaFresa on Thu Jul 11, 2013 3:24 am


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Swedish interview with

Post  Akos Kirsch on Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:01 am

thanks Anna!
now all we need is a translation in the next days Very Happy


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Re: Swedish interview with

Post  Samuel on Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:24 am

He said he would upload it 2th July, took some days. Razz

I might be able to translate it on Saturday, not sure thought.


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Re: Swedish interview with

Post  Chris on Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:41 pm

EDIT: Imprecise translation by the use of google translate:

- Hello, Ola here for mediaevents tv. I'm here on the ... ...
- You're kidding right?
- No ...
- Think a little something Greek. Think about it ... Think about Zorba Antique.
- Antique ... Elena?
- Yes.
- Helena ...
- No Pavarotti because he was an Italian.
- Elena Paparizou.
- Yes! That's it!
- And you know why you were on this program ...
- Yes ... What is what everyone sees Swedes winter?
- A talent show ...
- No, it was a talent show.
- Eurovision;
- Yes Eurovision!
- We're here with the winner of Eurovision. It has been many years. How was it when you win?
- It was great. An amazing journey. Not just "it". We did a lot of traveling time for Eurovision. It was wonderful experience.
- How has your life? Must've been ... Basically you were known in advance ...
- Yes, but not so much. In a way it's like you become a child of all. Enter their houses, all in some way. All are happy because there was no calm song ... It's a very happy song and the crowd wants to dance.
- What he thought when he was sure to win?
- Cerebral hemorrhage. So say. I had people around me and pulled me all the cables, and I screamed in phase "hello, we won now! Can not cry." Or better to argue about who would wiring. But it was amazing experience. Most often people ask me if I'd go back and say that it is time to live this experience someone else. I went twice. A 2001 with Antique and came third after myself and I won. And I think I've lived all this to the maximum. But I still love the competition.
- And today will be shown on Lotta på Liseberg with a new song. What's it called?
- Save me said.
- Save me. To say that you can find on Spotify and generally has been released.
- At Spotify, iTunes, everywhere.
- Everywhere. You can find it everywhere. And autumn comes the album.
- Yes, there comes a album. Probably in October. And I feel ready. Been a long time since the last time you went to a Swedish stage and I feel very well today. And especially since I am in my city is very good start, I believe.
- Exactly.
- I have not released anything since it came out "Heroes" in 2006 or 2007 ... I do not remember the exact year. But since then I pull out three records in Greece and I thought it was time to do it properly. Not only will a single nor much to not spoil this. And not only do appearances at club down there but also in events. (My soul right here with what you want to say from where it starts and tells about the single. Maybe not got what he wants to say and I do not know what he meant by "down." In Greece ;)
- And how are you feeling today? In Göteborg the "homelands", backstage just before going on stage.
- It is an amazing production and everybody knows that Lotta is a very warm person and generally feel like not to spend eight years or 5 or 7 from the last time I was here. I feel that I was here yesterday. And people here in Gothenburg is very special.
- You live in Greece now. What are you doing these days?
- I deal with music. Dance, sing. It's all I know to do. Or do the only thing I can do because I have not learned anything else. Now the last half year deal much with the drive because we are not ready yet. The Greek album was released in Greece and now do all songs in English. Not all but some of these. The first single was written by Bobby Ljunggren, Jimmy Jansson and Fredrik Sonefors was the producer. And the lyrics they wrote together. It's great because we all know who the Ljunggren and again is my good friend. Always trying to somehow work with him and finally did. And Jansson know it all and I must say ... of course for Sonefors, that is very nice to work with not too young but with younger people because it always gets better inspiration. Less experience with more experience and thus help one another. Comes so much good music. We are very happy with this album.
- Lovely to be here with a new song and we had the honor to meet Elena Paparizou. Good luck!
- Thank you very much!


English translation via Google
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Re: Swedish interview with

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