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"KLIK" Magazine 2004 (Interview Translation)

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"KLIK" Magazine 2004 (Interview Translation) Empty "KLIK" Magazine 2004 (Interview Translation)

Post  paparizikos on Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:31 pm


According to Helena, Antique band makes a time out to do other things. Helena has already made many things and she is now on the front.


These days, Helena's name appears constantly on the news, afternnon shows and newspapers. Does she take them all serious? Because 99% from all of these are not true.


One of the advantages of Helena, is that she is cool, that was also seemed during the photoshoot in the gas station in Attiki Odos. She liked the concept from the first time she heared about it.


Last years, Helena shares her time between her two countries, Greece and Sweden, in which she goes often for mini vacations and rest with the first chance.


Helena now misses the holidays most, because she is working for years. So, now she has arranged holidays that she will make them next year, because that summer will be full of singing.

Helena recently decided to make the big step. She gave a time out on "Antique" and she left V2 Records label, for "Sony" for bigger steps. Today, things are getting better and better for her and we wish her even better things, becuase she has the willing, and when you want something, there is always a way to succeed! This is also shown in the photoshoot for KLIK Magazine, in the EKO Gas Station on Attiki Odos and she made us anything we asked her to do. You can see that in the following pages of the magazine, watching her morphing.

- Why did "Antique" break up?
- They haven't broke up, they just made a little break. It was a desicion taken by both of us, because we wanted to do something different from what we have made so far.

- How do you feel now, that you are on your own?
- In the beggining I was a little bit depressed. I was getting on stage, I was covering the right side of the stage and when my eye was getting on the left side I was seeing an empty space. I was feeling a little bit alone, our every-day life with Nikos, the trips, experience, all these I miss them... I have many memories!

- People accuse you. What do you answer to those who tell that Antique broke up, because of your own ambitions?
- Antique was a pop duo band, which was 50% english and 50% greek. We had producers who were selecting our songs and they were responsible for that different sound. Breaking up doeasn't mean that we want to compete Antique's success. I wish people to understand the difference in the sound, without deleting the history of Antique.

- Coming from Sweden, how is the Greek reality that you are living in, on those years?
- However it is, I will always love Greece. Of course I feel differences between these 2 countries but I don't make comparisons, because I embarrass myself. I have 2 homelands.

- Do you prefer speaking Greek, Swedish or English?
- It depends to whom I am talking to. I want to feel comfortable. With Greek languange I keep on making cute mistakes. But I prefer to be corrected from the others, in spite of making fun of me, because I am used to another sence of humour and I feel like beeing insulted. This is my mistake.

- When you get angry, in which language are you swearing?
- In everyone! But If I get really angry, I say everything!

- Tell me the advantages and the disadvantages of a Greek person...
- I like it very much that a Greek person has his own character and none can question him. We are hospitable and very warm. The disadvantages maybe others have to tell us, because I feel very Greek to judge us.

- How did you decide to deal with the song and how did you start?
- Whenever I think of myself, I am singing, and I am the clown of the company. On Greek school, on national celebrations with Theodorakis', Hadjidakis', Vempos' songs etc. I made my first band on my 13, one R&B-funk band with 3 Latin-American boys, in which we were writting our own music and lyrics. 2 years later one big fire took place in Gothenburg and many of our musicians passed away. So, the inspiration stopped and I kept on alone... In the beginning soul, jazz and then pop. On my 16 I decided to deal with the theater and direction, but I never stopped singing. I was making demos for my friends and this is how Antique came up.

- Is there in your mind any standard of a Greek star or show-woman?
- Many names. I am a devoted fan of Haris Aleksiou and Marinella. Also, Anna Vissi and Despoina Vandi. Male singers Antonis Remos, who is a great man and collaborator and also Nikos Kourkoulis, whith whom I have great momeries. I cannot forget the big composers with whom I have grown up: Theodorakis, Chadjidakis, Plessas, Loizos and many others.

- Is there any Greek artist that you admire most?
- Anna Vissi. She never gives up and she keeps on surpising us!

- Any other out of Greece?
- Where to start from? Most of my early listenings were from other countries. Aritha Fanklin, Burry White, Alia, Bruddy, Monika, Chukka Kan, Dave Holister, Billy Osian, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Sting, Celine Dion, NWA, Public Enemie, Madonna, Paula Abdool, Roxette, Abba Beatles, Salt & Peppa, Snap... And the list goes on.

- What kind of music were you listening when you were younger?
- All these I told you before. But I have been through many levels... At home, the Greek repertoire was the traditional music. Tsitsanis, Vamvakaris, Aleksiou, Plessas, Spanos, Chadjis, Marinella, Poli Panou. I have been through many different kinds of music, punk, hard rock, classical rock, with the relevant look always. I also was in Metallica era once, with a black lipstick, till breaking down my brother's guitar, like I also was on Paula Abdool with high heels shoes of my sister.

- What kind of music you are listening right now?
- Songs that inspire me and express my daily life.

- How it seems to you the greek bouzoukia style?
- I believe that here in Greece the connection between the fans and the artists is great! This is not happening anywhere else. It's like been addicted in a drug, both for fans and artists. It's a great connection without words.

- Do you find anything bad on it?
- Every night club, has it's own style and it doesn't have to change it. It's the artist's desicion to perform on nightclubs or not, and it's on everyone's decision if he will go on those nightclub or not.

- Do you mind, when they are writting lies about you?
- So far, they have never written something so serious, and I don't even mind about it. In 2001, when we first appeared with Nikos in Greece, they were writting about the band's break-up. That was when we discussed about it for the first time...

- Do you believe in the talent?
- Of course. Everyone is talented in something. Some may need more time and space to express it. Everyone is talented and I believe that everyone wants to see people with talent around him.

- From what thing the talent can be ruinned?
- From the many "I want" that our life has been filled with. Success needs control. Of course, talent is in danger from the much usage. It also needs to rest sometimes.

- Do you believe that you are famous?
- I didn't start singing to become famous. My hobby is now my job and I am very happy for it.

- What do you believe about piracy?
- No matter how many efforts the big labels are making to protect the cd's, the pirates will always find a solution. I strongly believe that we have to own an original cd sollection with original albums. As the piracy exists, the artists will become less and the quality will become more less. I am very happy that I have heritaged an original collection of old vinyls from my father that you can never find anywhere nowadays. The most important is to make the people not want to buy piracy cd's.

- What's your opinion about the reality talent shows?
- It's a way for the people to decide about the future of the greek music. There are many big talents

- How much important is the appearence for a singer?
- In pop music is the basic role, but for the entechno kind, is not so important. It that kind of music the basic role is the song. Pop music means popular, means that you are selling your image and you are becoming a standar for kids that are buying your albums. Every artist does that with his/her own way he/she wants. Some with his make-up, clothes, simple caring of himself and so on...

- What do you appreciate in a woman and in a man?
- I appreciate the determination on men and the power of soul on the women, I read a book of John Grey with the title "Women from Venus, Men from Mars".

- Which is your disadvantage?
- Everything! I am stubborn and it's difficult for someone to change my mind sometimes for something, bacause I don't want to get my self down. It happens occasionally for me to be wrong, but then I am not so shy and I apologise.

- Which is the biggest luxury that you allow to yourself?
- To be loved and for me to return that love to others. You can never get enough love. Luxury contains many things. I prefer the luxury that nature gives us, and not that luxury that money give us. One lux gift that I will give to myself is to go to a spa on weekend, because resting is also a luxury.

- When are you telling lies?
- I am not used to tell lies, I hate them. But it happened. I often tell white lies, so as not to hurt anyone. Sometimes, even better, I never speak, so as not to tell any lie and then to apologise my lies, because I feel stupid.

- Any thought that relaxes you?
- An abandoned beach, with a gentle wind and waves crashing on the coast. The only sound to hear beeing the wave... And then love. You know what I mean? Love that chucks your belly and paralises your soul and body.

- One job that you could never do?
- Lifeguard, I am afraid of deep waters. But all the jobs exist for us, to survive. None job is a shame.

- Narcissism, is an artist's ingredient?
- No, but I think that you can be in that trap too easy. I believe that we have to fear for the worsts from ourselves, without beeing suckers, because always will be someone better than us. We have to learn comparing ourselves with ourselves, so as to be a continuous development and improvement.

- Are you making risky things?
- Many, for my age, but after crashing with a go kart, I never let my adrenaline reaching its' highrst point. I have many signs in my mind and in my body, and that's the reason I am thinking more now, before doing something.

- Are you making plans for the future?
- Every day, for the next day, every week for the next week, every year for the next year, till the day I die. Don't forget that I am an Aquarius and I cannot ever stop making dreams, and my oroskope flattens me and that's why I don't make the risky things.

- Do you have bad habits?
- Many, but I can't reveal you, If I start them I will never stop. Do you want to go for a coffee??? (laughts)...

- What makes you laught?
- One good open-minded company without limits and looks like a comedy.

- Is there anything that changed in your life?
- Some companies that didn'e last long, that I gave a lot on them and I ended uo to be alone. Since then I started no to be so pened. It's rare for me now to tell my secrets. Also something that has changed is the relationship things, I never imagine myself to pledge with someone for so long.

- What is that, that you hate the most?
- Lies, fake and wicked people and hypocrisy. All of these are one for me. I cannot show to someone what I am as a person for those things I told yopu before.

- Describe youself with 3 words.
- Sensitive, because I can cry with the most stupid movie, crazy because I never give limits to myself. For me there is only a "MUST" and "MUSTN'T", but there are no limits. Also, I am warm, because I always try to solve the other's problems.

Thanks to Adam brothers and Pandelis Adamopoulos, owners of EKO Gas Station on 40th km of Attiki Odos, at Paiania. Thanks also to Aleksis Sayas for the WRANGLER jeep.

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"KLIK" Magazine 2004 (Interview Translation) Empty Re: "KLIK" Magazine 2004 (Interview Translation)

Post  Chris on Fri Jul 06, 2012 4:16 pm

Thanks for translation! i will read after cheers
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"KLIK" Magazine 2004 (Interview Translation) Empty Re: "KLIK" Magazine 2004 (Interview Translation)

Post  Samuel on Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:41 am

Sorry for being two months late, but thank you! Very Happy

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