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OK Magazine Anniversary issue 11/2012

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OK Magazine Anniversary issue 11/2012 Empty OK Magazine Anniversary issue 11/2012

Post  Chris on Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:53 am

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magazine interview

Common interview about how life has changed in recent years and how important is the opinion of the world for their course, gave the magazine «OK» Elena Paparizou and Natasha Theodoridou.

Natasha Theodoridou admits the independent side of her character, not always in favor of life. "Many times when you're independent and dynamically creating an inexplicable fear. And I personally admire inexplicable why the dynamic because people just inspires to build on them.

Perhaps when a woman creates an even greater fear should not exist. Yes, this is something that has been a hindrance to my personal relationships, professional relationships but my only positive is work, "he said, stressing that loneliness purifies the mind, to go one step back, you see things more clearly. "We do not see it as a nightmare, it can be a beautiful dream."

She admits, however, that can be dynamic, but not sexy. "I have no need to show that I'm sexy. Not concerned with this ever. For me the things that make a woman sexy is not the external.

Moreover there are both beautiful women around us. Sexy to do other things like humor, "he said, adding that if it was a man wants a woman beside her humor that made her laugh.
Dynamics like Natasha but Theodoridou and Elena Paparizou, which makes no secret that its very interested in the opinion of the world.

"I think we all want confirmation of the world, we, the artists. As a continuous effort would like to understand the world. "

For friendship between Elena Paparizou said: "I've trusted for personal issues many times and I like to get the opinion because she is a woman who has a significant and growing career two children."

As for what the lyrics would describe this moment her life ... "His Glory by John Kiss of Life that says 'I know so little but die.'"

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*this interview is not the original of the magazine but only a part which i found throught this site. If someone has the willing, let's upload it and then i can translate it to English
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