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Interview on Swedish gay magazine QX [includes English translation] [saved]

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Interview on Swedish gay magazine QX [includes English translation] [saved] Empty Interview on Swedish gay magazine QX [includes English translation] [saved]

Post  Chris on Thu Jul 25, 2013 2:39 am

Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou will perform during schlagerpoptorsdagen (Stockholm Pride). Ronny Larsson from QX gave her a call in Greece.

Helena gears up for a boat trip in Greece when QX reaches her.
- You have performed at Stockholm Pride two times before. How do you feel coming back?
- Wonderful! I love Pride and think it's an important celebration that everyone can be involved in. Those who do not like the Pride are simply afraid and we can hopefully change that by welcoming them to the party.

- Is "Save Me" a characteristic song of your upcoming album?
- Yes, we can say that. It's in the direction that I want to go. This [Save Me] and The Light In Our Soul. I'm mainly a pop artist. I am working with Bobby Ljunggren -whom I have known for many years- in 3 songs but also with composers from Greece and Finland.

- Last year you participated on Let's Dance. How was it like?
-  I sat in the jury of Dancing on Ice in Greece because they thought I knew ice skating since I came from Sweden (laughs). After that I felt that I wanted to stand on the other side of the table and challenge myself. It was fascinating to wake up and sleep with dance for a couple of months. But I was eliminated very quickly which was less fun. I wanted to stay!

- Last year you did a burlesque-rock version of Popular in Melodifestivalen. Would you return as a contestant again?
- I do not want to participate as an artist and I've said this before. Perhaps as a songwriter or as an interval act. But I wouldn't say it's never going to happen. It's just silly with artists who say that they will never participate again and they stand in the line-up again next year. We'll see ...

- Earlier this year you created a buzz because of your presence on the cover of a freely distributed magazine in Athens before Pride 2013 where you kissed singer Courtney Parker ...
- Yeah, but for me it was an important message against homophobia and Courtney is a good friend of mine.

- Do you have gay friends?

- I almost have only gay friends! Most of them are boys and call me Big Gay Mama (laughs). My gay boys have been in my life ever since I was around 20. They like me because I am a «free spirit» and therefore I like to go out in gay clubs. There I can let myself be and feel comfortable without having people taking videos of me and uploading them on the internet.

- Have you always been sure you're straight?

- I have had thoughts like everyone else. When I was around 13 I thought about it a lot and I did not dare to talk about it with anyone. To talk about it with my Greeks parents was not an option so I went to one of my sister's best friends who was a lesbian and lived with her girlfriend. She explained everything very well and that what is for some people just a phase is for others a permanent state. But above all, it's not about who you are going to sleep with but meeting a life partner that you really fall in love with. She explained everything in a such a good way and I carry her words with me when I talk to my niece and nephews.

- A few years ago you sang in Swedish for the soundtrack of Arn, including a song written by Eva Dahlgren. How was all this?
- It was an honor to sing one of her songs. I recorded it with Anders Glenmark and it was a lot of fun because I had difficulty singing in Swedish. My "Gothenburg" pronunciation of "r" was very intense and it sounded silly. My mother tongue when it comes to singing has always been English.

- If you could recommend one of your songs that the Swedish public is not aware of...?
-  Baby It's Over is good and of course All The Time which is a duet with Courtney Parker.

Credits: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] for finding the interview
Translation: Google translator (edited by Paparizou Forum)

Original source: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Interview on Swedish gay magazine QX [includes English translation] [saved] Empty Re: Interview on Swedish gay magazine QX [includes English translation] [saved]

Post  Akos Kirsch on Thu Jul 25, 2013 4:01 am

thanks a lot!

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