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SAN KAI SENA - the ULTIMATE make-your-finger-look-like-helena-competition! Win great prizes!

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SAN KAI SENA - the ULTIMATE make-your-finger-look-like-helena-competition! Win great prizes!

Post  Miss KA on Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:00 pm

Hey what about an Elena-look-alike-contest, "san ke sena"? lol!

1. you have all creative freedom you need, it's your choice how to create face, hair and clothing. You can also choose/add a creative background or surrounding.
a) the item you decorate as Helena has to be one of your fingers (you can, alternatively, also dress someone else's finger if that's easier for you)
b) what you are not allowed to do is to take a full body pic of helena and stick it at your finger -this would be boring and wouldn't include any own ideas. Everyone knows that the competition is about your finger, so it's natural that "Helena's body" will somehow look like your finger, still, at the end. It's completely your choice though how to create her face, hair etc.

2. you can send in as many photos as you want.
3. you might use photoshop to edit the final photo* - please, when sending your entry, give the following information: 1. photo has not been edited digitally (setting contrast/brightness, sharpen the pic and optimizing colours is within this category)/ 2. photo has been taken of my actually decorated finger but I have attached/removed/changed several things by a photo editing program/ 3. most of the work has been created digitally - this will make sure to judge everyone in a fair way and to make the entries comparable. I might create different categories for winning at the end.
4. each photo sent in should be at least 1000x1000 pxl.
5. of course: no entry should be offensive in any way and any entry should always respect the artist
6. all entries will be published later on the forum or other pages, and might be included to any future pdf-document for presentation. besides the best entries will be forwarded to Helena.
7. deadline: December 15th, 2011 - so you will have enough time for, I hope, many creative entries!
8. DO NOT POST THE PHOTO ON THE FORUM - you don't want anyone to steal your ideas, do you? send it to me by PM please. if I should not reply within 2 weeks i might not have received it, so please contact me again then.
9. the winner will be choosen by public voting. People are supposed to judge how your finger resembles Helena (including a judgement of your effort), how beautiful the final product looks and how creative your entry is.
10. The prizes: magazines (AntiVir, DownTown 2010), official printed autograph cards (downtown june 2010 photo), a copy of the coloured, glossy hard cover book "magic wood" and a physical copy of "PARIZ - the ultimate fan book" (interview book & biography)

* if you want to create a full work on photoshop, advanced skills will be necessary: photos of a finger decorated on photoshop should look real or at least kind of surrealistic at the end, not like a children painting ;-) . so, if editing by photoshop, you should know how to transform elements so they look 3-dimensional and so on. If someone sends in a full-photoshop version there might be two categories for winning at the end to support both kind of works. I also want to see real photos!
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