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First live (Presentation & points)

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First live (Presentation & points) Empty First live (Presentation & points)

Post  Samuel on Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:41 pm

Helena Paparizou became a star over a night. With the music group Antique. 2005 she became a world star, when she won the big Eurovision Song Contest with the song “My number one”. But the life took an unexpected turn.
Helena – “I had plans to make a comeback to Sweden 2009, but I didn’t do it because my father died. And I had not the patience to meet Swedish media and Swedish people. But now I am back.”
Helena – “My comeback began this year with melodifestivalen. But now it is time for Let’s Dance I think.”

David – “Like that”.
Helena – “I feel to heavy to make these things!”
David – “No you are not!”
Helena – “I feel like a potato sac
Helena – “Ouch”.
David – “How is it going with your foot?”
Helena – “It hurts but I usually don’t think about it. It have been like this for five months now.
I had an injury in August, my tendon on my foot was injured. Train three hours each day with heels can make the foot a little more injured.

David – “Is it ok?”
David – “Even if she have injured her foot she have not asked for a pause, she really want to work hard.
Doctor – “The thing that have happened is that you have stretched out a linament.”
Helena – “In addition of a lot of exercises he have have told me to tape the foot. But this is nothing that will stop me or david. So lets go tonight!”.

*They dancing awesome* (Just Svenskjävelns true note!)

Program leader – “Nice ending! Thank you, exciting. Now it is going to be exciting, I think anyhow. What do you say. This must be very good?”
Jury girl - This is very good. It is so great to see that you have danced easy steps that you learn as a beginner.
Helena – “It is not easy..”
Jury girl - “You do it on such a girlish, sexy, great way. Got to be really good cha cha.".
Program leader – “Mm, the basic way. What do you say Tony?”.

Jury Tony - “You are my number one. It is everything I can say. Unbelievable good. I have never seen such a good cha cha in the first program.
Program leader – “Where do your mum sit?”
Helena – “She sit there!”
Program leader – “Look how touched she is”.
Helena – “Do you see how she back-scratch for the jury. She just hello hello".

Program leader – “Flirt with Tony, it is fully correct! Ok, it is the best cha cha he have ever seen in the first program. Fantastic. And congratulation to you”.
Helena – “Thank you very much”.
Program leader – “Good also to you David”.
Program leader (girl) – “That is big words from Tony there!”
Helena – “I still do not understand that I have decided to do this. I just “David, is it tomorrow it is premiere?”. I do not understand what I have done.”

Program leader (girl) – “But you do not regret that now?”
Helena - “No!”
Program leader (girl) – “Even if you had some problems with your foot and that you hurt yourself when you dances. Tell us about what you have done. You have wounds”.
Helena – “There is a ligament that have stretched out”.
Program leader (girl) – “But you have wounds?”.

Helena – “I was so nervous before so I stood on tiptoe all the time when we made cha cha. That you can’t do. You must stay on the ground. I trampled my own feets and I just made some wounds. But no complaining.”
Program leader (girl) – “She have not trampled on you yet?”
David – “Not at all”.
Program leader (girl) – “It maybe comes next dance. Who knows. Now we get the points”.

Jury one: 5, Jury two: 5, jury three: 6.

Program leader (girl) – “Up in the lead! What good start for Helena and David. What do you say?”
Helena – “We are very happy. We have very fun and VOTE ON US!”.
Program leader (girl) – “Then she said it, so I do not need to say it”.

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