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Interview @MTV Greece - Your Noise Daily

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Interview @MTV Greece - Your Noise Daily Empty Interview @MTV Greece - Your Noise Daily

Post  Chris on Tue Nov 06, 2012 7:53 pm

Helena_ First of all, we had a great time with excursions, everywhere, maybe it was the first time that i had a trip and i had the time to see different things, places because as usual we do other things and imagine i have no time for a coffee. Ehh we had gone about 3 days ,it was amazing, the night was awesome!!
Journalist_ Last March, you had been in Sweden, you joined as a guest star at melodifestivalen, you sung "Popular" . That thing as experience how made you feel?
H_Because i had many years to appear in Sweden, i felt that i had to begin from the start , to forget all activities had done in Greece, of course when i went there, they all welcome me , they had not forget me i met many new people . There were old cooperatesm they hugged me they helped me . i am very glad for what i had done, i believe that eehh i have enriched more my artistic family.
J_ It seems you talk warmly yet about Sweden and Swedish there...
H_ Look, Sweden is the country in which i was born, has offered me all the right education . On the other hand, Greece is a country which have continued offering me changes and things, otherwise i wouldnt be the artist who i am at this moment and love which i hae received. But over all i am human , meanwhile wherever i go, i wanna feel comfortable, feel love and of course i wanna give love, if i dont have this , i wont have anything in my life,
J_ 7 years have passed since ESC (from your own participation then) ehh youw own experience now which is???
There are many moments i remember and others which i dont remember at all cause i lived so intensely that particular season of my life the only thing i will keep in my mind from all this experience is that maybe this institutional was the cause i "entered" in every Greek families because the moment i will never forget was when i arrived back In Greece at the airport we went tο the Mansion, everybody still youngers, eldest people were in streets .....
i remember particularly an old couple which holding each others hand and saluted to me. Μeanwhile, i became cloud, ι really was touched by them, namely.
J_the experience about ESC how you imagine that now?
H_I have to say it was a very sweet memory i want wish Greece participants good luck every year . i dislike the fact that Europe has a negative comment about Greece cause Greece is a country which created the culture in General worldwide and i want Europeans and everyone worldwide keep a stable prestige about Greece . All problems are like Maths, Always there are solutions. The problems sure will be solved someday . We are not malingers simply we are a bit unlucky the current moment i want to be united Greeks and continually to be evolved not be unprogressive, (not tell who blames for, but we must find which is the solution )
J_What are you Listening at this period?
H_ To tell you the truth, because just now i moved out, home it occured to open an old cd case and i found out Celine Dion's album "The Power Of Love" and Mariah Carey's album "Music Box" (including "Hero" song) and "Butterfly" album (including "My All") so i listen to them all the time
the last 2 weeks .....and these singers helped me at my performances because they have peak arranged voices.

Translated by Chris K . (guys sorry if there are mistakes but i made it fast and furious Razz
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Interview @MTV Greece - Your Noise Daily Empty Re: Interview @MTV Greece - Your Noise Daily

Post  Samuel on Thu Nov 08, 2012 5:00 am

Thank you for the translation! smile

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